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Top Player: MaxMum
Server Time: 06:31:38
Accounts Registered: 312
Players Created: 342
Server Status: ONLINE

Psycho Revolution

--- Highrate Longterm Server @ 2018 ---

Vote for us & receive
1000 DC
during Beta testing phase!

  • Latest server news

    - Website top navigation slightly changed
    - Server time added on website
    - Accounts Registered counter added
    - Players Created counter added
    - Facebook link added

    - Voting rewards have been added
    - Voting button has been added
    - Vote to receive 1k Donation coins during Beta phase

    - SSL certificate added on website
    - F/L bug has been fixed\nServer stability increased!
    - Auto restarter developed\nItems will no longe reapear at inventory after relog
    - Latest Client has been uploaded
    - Reborn Tags removed. They will display on Ranking only.
    - Website has been updated

    - Server security improved
    - Server stability increased

    - Beta has started!

    EXP Rate: x500
    Max Gear: G140
    Max Level: 100
    Max Reborn: Unlimited
    Level to reborn: 100
    Level after reborn: 75