Castle Owner: PeakyBlinders
Top Player: MatyAStiK
Server Time: 19:42:44
Accounts Registered: 2475
Players Created: 3327
Server Status: ONLINE

Psycho Revolution

--- Highrate Longterm Server @ 2018 ---

Vote for us & receive
Vote Token + x5 G3 Buff Scrolls

  • Server Has officially started!

    Latest server news

    Maximum grade of reborns extended to 50
    Reborn 25+ Rewards have been added
    LVL 50-85 EXP increased

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    Newcommers Bonus EXP activated! (up to lvl 85)
    Daily Quest Manager has been added
    Daily Quest rewards created (will be improved later)
    Special Buffs have been fixed
    Reborn 10+ Rewards have been added

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    Undead Sand Summoer added to fort
    Undead Sand System added
    G3 Single use buff potions fixed
    Decay Area Exp increased
    Dungeon 2 Exp increased
    Sacred Island spawns fixed
    Sacred Island amount of mobs increased
    Dungeon 6 amount of mobs increased
    Dungeon 6 EXP slightly increased
    Land of Fallen Exp increased
    Acrobatics (thief passive skill) added
    G135 Crafting materials increased
    SOLO areas EXP increased (+35%)
    Chance Capture increased to G5
    Voting System and Vote rewards fixed

    Forbidden island double spawn removed
    Arrow Rain enabled at Instance System
    Qigong talismans droprate increased
    Event Bosses stats fixed
    All guilds have been registered to CW
    Dance of Killing PVP damage slightly increased

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    Single use G3 Buff Scrolls added
    x5 G3 Scrolls added for each vote
    CW Gear changed to G70/G60
    CW Gear has been bounded
    Head / Nail / Leg of Undead added to DL drops
    Undead Sand summoning scroll added
    G125 Parts added to Undead Sand drops
    G130 Upgrade Scrolls added to Undead Sand drops
    G125 Enchanted G4 Accessories added to Undead Sand drops
    x3 Event Bosses created (drops will be kept secret)
    Absorption rate for Knight gear increased
    Double mage job bug fixed
    Evasion on Mage gear reduced
    Party area mobs OTP increased
    Party area mobs HP increased
    G135 Crafting materials droprate increased
    Solo areas exp doubled
    Soul Destruction damage reduced
    Ascetic 3rd job skills damage increased
    EXP Rate (Level 95-100) slightly reduced
    Reborn rewards have been reworked
    Party HP bug fixed

    Official server reopening:
    August 25th (Saturday) 17:00 GMT+2

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    We're back to 2016 engine!
    No more weird bugs
    PVP balance is back!
    Spin Blade and Blessing CD fixed
    Discord invitation link fixed

    Focus Shot damage increased
    Mysterious Arrow damage increased
    Dance of Killing damage slightly increased
    3rd job Cooldowns equalized for all classes
    Nirvana Skills cooldowns reduced and equalized
    Jewels have been fixed
    Walking on Air skill fixed
    PVE weapons OTP fixed
    Reborn grades extended to 25
    Reborn rewards (G10-G25) fixed

    Latest Engine update
    Xtrap security improvements
    Psycho Shadow damage has been fixed
    3rd job cooldowns reduced

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    G120 -> G130 Accessories upgrade scroll fixed
    Decay Area exp increased (LVL 80)
    Dungeon 2 EXP slightly increased
    Dungeon 2 spawns fixed
    SD PVP damage balanced
    SD PVE damage slightly increased
    Arrow Rain PVE dmg increased
    Nirvana skills readjusted
    Psycho Special Enchantment (Armor) temporary removed
    Psycho Special Enchantment (Weapon) temporary removed
    Vote & Shop Rewards Manager added
    Ingots Droprate Increased (+35%)
    Vote Reward Token added
    Shop Reward Token added
    Shop Rewards updated (1 token / 20 min)
    Reborn gifts added up to 20th reborn
    Forbidden island mob spawns fixed

    Download manual update if you cannot update via Launcher
    G120 Drops have been added to Doggebi Lord
    Mirrors drops added to Bosses
    Ruby, Saphire, Crystal drops added to bosses
    Ruler of Wasteland spawn added
    Death Knight spawn added
    Ruler of Wasteland teleport limitation changed (85)
    Death Knight teleport limitation changed (85)
    G135 Crafting Materials droprate increased
    Soul Destruction damage slightly increased
    G100 Droprate increased
    G110 Droprate increased

    F1 menu has been updated
    NPCs have been realocated
    Temp-fort map updated
    Starting level changed back to 50
    Latest Client has been uploaded
    Mediafire download link added
    Donation eels fixed (+30%)
    Main town has been changed to temp-fort

    - Temp-fort is under construction
    - Psycho Island updated
    - Main town will be moved to temp-fort shortly!
    - Countdown until official start added

    - Website top navigation slightly changed
    - Server time added on website
    - Accounts Registered counter added
    - Players Created counter added
    - Facebook link added

    - Voting rewards have been added
    - Voting button has been added
    - Vote to receive 1k Donation coins during Beta phase

    - SSL certificate added on website
    - F/L bug has been fixed\nServer stability increased!
    - Auto restarter developed\nItems will no longe reapear at inventory after relog
    - Latest Client has been uploaded
    - Reborn Tags removed. They will display on Ranking only.
    - Website has been updated

    - Server security improved
    - Server stability increased

    - Beta has started!

    EXP Rate: x500
    Max Gear: G140
    Max Level: 100
    Max Reborn: Unlimited
    Level to reborn: 100
    Level after reborn: 75